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Move Into Your Future

Welcome to the Dance Studies Program at Cal Poly Humboldt!  We are a small, hands-on program dedicated to serving our students. We offer a variety of academic courses and dance styles to study, with multiple opportunities to perform, collaborate and choreograph.  

Our students receive a thorough education in the practice, history, theory and language of dance as an art form, including projects that challenge students to explore topics such as social justice, equality and diverse cultures.  Our curriculum prepares students for viable careers in dance, dance-related arts and graduate studies.

We are in the heart of Humboldt County, known for more artists per capita than anywhere else in the state of California. Our Center Arts program offers opportunity for students to see world-class

Professional dance companies and to participate in master dance classes.  The natural beauty of the area creates an inspiring backdrop for our students.  The Dance Studies program participates annually in the American College Dance Festival Association conferences.

Mission Statement

The Interdisciplinary Dance Studies program strives to develop knowledgeable, skillful and articulate dancers, and prepare them for careers in the dance arts and/or for graduate study. As performers, choreographers, teachers, collaborators and citizen artists, our students will engage their local and global communities creatively and responsibly.

The Dance Studies curriculum unifies the physical, intellectual, cultural and artistic aspects of dance into an invigorating course of study. Experience and practice in a broad range of technical, performance and creative skills develop the student’s capacity for expressive composition and performance.  While investigating the relationship of dance to other art forms, ethnic groups and cultures, and to social trends throughout history, our students grasp the profound importance of dance as a fine art and as an essential component of the human experience.

Dance Faculty at Humboldt

Our dance faculty excel in wide-range of specialties, experience and perspectives of dance forms, which enhance our Interdisciplinary Dance Studies program.