Alumni News

“As a student, I acted and did lighting for films, did lighting for dance concerts and participated in almost every way in theatre. Now, because I have such a broad understanding of what goes into a production, I'm able to find solutions to things that otherwise might be more difficult to handle.”

- Greta Welsh
Technical Director, CenterArts
Master of Fine Arts in Lighting Design, 2006

Allison Castner, 1994

Allison Castner, 1994 Theatre, Film & Dance, has been teaching drama at a K3-12 grade Christian school in the San Fernando Valley for the last 18 years. Castner writes that she is grateful that Humboldt’s Theatre Arts program allowed her to take a wide variety of classes. In a small school the drama program director is the play producer, director, technical director, production stage manager (training new stage managers every show), scenic designer, lighting designer, sound designer, props procurer, costume procurer, publicity crew, house manager, and trainer of all the actors and technical crew, usually with less than 3 days for tech week.

Dr. Bradley W. Sabelli, 1970

BRADLEY W. SABELLI, 1970 Theatre, Film & Dance, writes that Humboldt is his favorite program of the five he has graduated from. “Bless Richard Rothrock!” Rothrock was Sabelli’s advisor and mentor during his stay as the ATD in the scene shop. Since then Sabelli has had a wonderful career in the theatrical world. Thanks to this department he has made a successful living at “pretending and make believe.” Sabelli recently retired from the department of theatre and dance at George Washington University where he held the rank of University Professor Emeritus; having served as chair, TD, and senior designer. Sabelli has designed in professional, academic and military venues and career highlights include: former chair of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Chesapeake region; published intro to theatre texts and served on numerous editorial boards.

Gary A. Kilgore, BA '67; MA '74; MFA '79

After knocking around the U S Army for some 30 odd years, a few teaching gigs, a couple of academic administrator runs, I closed out my working career in Tucson, AZ with IATSE Locals 415 & 485, returned to California, remarried, and now reside in Erie, PA along the shore of Lake Erie...ain’t that eerie?

ronald g. davis, 1994

Gave a number of lectures in Canada on “Ecological Aesthetics” at York Univerfsity Toronot, another at Concordia University in Montreal . 
Finishing a rewirte of my Dissertation on “Ecological Aesthetics “ and recently wrote the script for an Oratorio on “Glacial Melt and Sea Level Rise : (There are no solutions) to be done with chorus and band. Classical composer Joyce Todd of Berkeley will turn the script into a performance piece for a 16 women’s chorus.

Daniel Reid, 2001

I’m now studying architecture at the University of Oregon, and my wife Monica & I have just welcomed our first child, Stella Evelyn Reid.