Liz Rivera



Elizabeth grew up moving around the Southwest, nurtured by the culture of the U.S.-Mexico borderlands.  She received a B.A. in Spanish from H.S.U., and is a teacher in the Spanish Immersion Program at Morris Elementary in McKinleyville.  

At an early age, she fell in love with Mexican folk music and dance, and studied first with Linda Valdivia, who was an early member of Los Lupeños of San Jose.  After coming to H.S.U., she danced with North Country Folk Ensemble and studied ballet and folk dance at the university. After graduating, she continued studying ballet with Nancy Call, and taught Foklórico classes at The Old Creamery Dancenter and for the Humboldt Music Academy.  When Jeff O'Connor came to Humboldt to teach dance, she studied and worked with him extensively, co-directing the performing club, the Ballet Folklórico de Humboldt.

It is her honor to continue the tradition of Mexican Folk Dance at H.S.U., often in partnership with the oldest of her three daughters, Leonora Rivera. Passing on and preserving the dances that are such an integral part of Mexico’s cultural history is one of her passions. And what she loves most about teaching at HSU Is helping students explore this beautiful dance form or connect with their heritage!

Liz Rivera
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